Oman overview

Oman Travel Guide
Oman is at the center of a recent tourist boom in the Middle East, and the country is reaping the benefits. Located in southwest Asia on the coast of the Arabian Sea, Oman has many tourist attractions, most of which revolve around its natural beauty. Oman is known for its stunning beaches, which are clean and don't have the annoyances that usually accompany this level of beauty. In other words, you won't have to fight off a guy selling fake tattoos or be asked to donate to a bogus charity. In addition to the mountains, beach, and sea, Oman has many historical sites including forts and castles that were used to defend the coastline. There is also rock climbing, surfing, sailing, scuba diving and cave exploring for those who would rather not spend their days drinking next to the hotel pool. Oman is a modern Arab state that has much to offer.