Abu Dhabi overview

Abu Dhabi Travel Guide
It is almost impossible to imagine that just 50 years ago Abu Dhabi was a simple fishing village. The discovery of massive amounts of oil in 1958 put an end to this. However Abu Dhabi seems to have managed to retain a sense of style which its neighbour, Dubai is gradually losing. A much more living friendly city than its neighbour, traffic jams are still to find their way onto every street. Development has been rapid but there are still places which retain a sense of history such as the Old Souk, where travellers can take a step back in time or the White Fort once home to the regionís rulers. For those looking for a bit of adventure the dunes of the Arabian Desert still remain so that travellers can confuse themselves as to how something as uncomfortable as a camel became the chosen method of transport for the Bedouin for so many centuries.